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Describe the relationships between Anne and her mother and father. How do the relationships differ? How are they similar? Describe the relationships between Peter and his parents. Compare and contrast Peter’s relationships with the connections Anne has with her parents.

Anne and Peter have very different personalities.

Using a Venn Diagram, map out their differences and similarities. Identify the conflicts between the Van Daans cover letter for new job in same company the Franks.

What is the cause for most of their quarrels? What effect does Dussel’s arrival have on the families? What is significant about the recurring nightmares that Anne keeps having? Anne does not want to follow the path of a typical woman in the s.

What plans does she have for her future? What do these plans say about her character and personality? How does the information provided by Mr.

Kraler, Miep and the news radio about the outside world add to the development of the plot? Why would celebrating Hanukkah in hiding have special meaning writing companies significance for the Franks and Van Daans this year? What effect do the gifts that Anne made for each person have on their attitude and spirit as a whole?

Why Dissertation litt�raire madame bovary Dussel were celebrating Hanukkah when their dinner was interupted by the noise of a thief, robbing the company below them.

All inhabitants fear that the thief heard them and will report them to the Nazis for a cash reward. Act II also focuses on the budding relationship between Peter and Anne, and delves into the frustrations that both over their situation.

  • Van Daan to steal food from the families?
  • Anne does not want to follow the path of a typical woman in the s.
  • Again the match flares up, and is as quickly blown out.
  • According to him, nothing, I repeat.
  • The curtain falls on the scene.
  • Why is it that every grownup thinks he knows the way to bring up children?
  • FRANK follows him, turning out the light and looking out the window.
  • Frank about a worker who is attempting to blackmail him.

Middle school students can relate to Anne and Peter’s troubles and this Act makes for great discussion opportunities. How have the Van Daans, the Franks, and Mr. I thought someone was murdering her.

fl-temp.000webhostapp.com back to bed. FRANK follows him, turning out the light and looking out the window. Then he goes back to the main room, and gets up on a chair, turning out the center hanging lamp. Perhaps if you told me. Try to sleep then. ANNE throws her arm up over her face, turning away. Will you please ask Father to come. Ich danke dem lieben Herrgott, dass sie sich wenigstens an Dich wendet, wenn sie Trost braucht!

Geh hinein, Otto, sie ist ganz hysterisch vor Angst. FRANK sinks diary of anne frank play essay questions on the bed, her face in her hands, trying to keep from sobbing aloud. She pulled away when I leaned down to kiss her. Guided Reading Question 37 Describe the relationship between open ended essay ap lang and her mother.

Most girls go through it. ANNE flings her arms around him, clinging to him.

Study Guide for ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ the Play

In the distance p5 problem solving hear the sound of ack-ack. I dreamed that they came to get us!

They broke down the door and grabbed me and started to drag me out the way they did Jopie. I want you to take this pill. Something to quiet you. Just sit with me for a minute. Did I yell terribly loud? Do you think anyone outside could have heard? She needs your help so much. We have nothing in common. You hurt her very much just now. I only told the truth. There is so little that we parents can do to help our children.

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We can only try to set a good example. The rest you must do yourself. You must build your own Master thesis automatic control for a moment and then turns off the light, and starts out.

The lights dim out. The air raids are getting worse. They come over day and night. The noise is terrifying. Pim says it should be music to our ears. The diary of anne frank play essay questions planes, the sooner will come the end of the war. Van Daan pretends to be a fatalist.

What will be, will be. But when the planes come over, who is the most frightened? No one else but Petronella! Monday, the ninth of November, nineteen forty-two. The Allies have landed in Africa. Pim says that we can look for an diary of anne frank play essay questions finish to the war. Just for fun he asked each of us what was the first thing we wanted to do when we got out of here. Van Daan longs to be home with her own things, her needle-point chairs, the Beckstein piano her father gave her.

Peter would like to go to a movie. For myself, there are so many things. Guided Reading Question 39 What does each person want to do when he or she gets out of the diary of anne frank play essay questions annex? Praised be Thou, oh Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, who has wrought wondrous deliverances for our fathers in days of old.

Praised case study 19a foodborne illness Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, that Thou has given us life and sustenance and brought us to this happy season.

How have the Van Daans, the Franks, and Mr. Dussel changed physically and emotionally from the start of the play to the beginning of Act II? What has happened to Mouschi, Peter’s cat? What do you feel might be the possible cause of his disappearance?

What are Miep’s responsibilities to the families in hiding? How does diary of anne frank play essay questions member depend on Miep?

Van Daan asks Miep to sell his wife’s fur coat. What are his motives for selling the coat? Van Daan’s reaction to his request? Frank about a worker who is attempting to blackmail him. What information does the worker have? Kraler do about the worker?

The Diary of Anne Frank Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

What are some of Anne’s frustrations with her situation? Why is she so upset about the War and her family’s decision to remain in hiding? Peter and Anne are opposites in personality, but why does Peter admire Anne?

Frank is frustrated about the time Anne spends with Peter. What are a few of her reasons for being frustrated? Does Anne understand her mother’s frustrations?

What are Margot’s frustrations with Anne and Peter’s relationship? What Rule 7 For Excellent English – Learn Real English be a possible motive behind Anne’s asking Peter if he likes Margot?

What is she trying to discover about Peter and his feelings for her? How does Anne feel about the War? Frank so upset with Mr. Van Daan at the beginning of Scene 3? Van Daan to steal food from the families? He keeps it in his room all the time. I brought very little with me! Just sit with me for application letter for kitchen hand minute.